Electronic Merchant Systems

Other aliases include: EMS, Francis David Corporation, EMSCorporate, EMSData.net

What is the WARN Registry?

The WARN (Warning Alert to Restrict Nonconforming Processors) Registry is a list of processors that have engaged in or are suspected to have engaged in conduct that is noncompliant under the Card Brand Rules. The list also includes public records data regarding the Principals and Associates of each processor included on the WARN Registry.

Fees, even if excessive (as long as they are permitted by the Merchant Processing Agreement and Card Brand Rules) or funding holds are not a basis for inclusion on the WARN registry. WARN listings cannot be appealed and last for 7 years.

Inclusion on the WARN Registry triggers several actions by WARN Staff. These actions are designed to inform and protect the consuming US public from potentially serious economic harm. The actions are as follows: